April 05, 2017

What life...

No one tells you as a kid what to expect from life when you grow up. As a kid you fancy that adults have a lot of freedom, can do anything with their lives, it is so much fun and what not...Then you grow up with all eagerness and find out it is not that great after all. Being a kid and going to school was far more fun.

You have responsibilities to live by, rat races to run, bills to pay, peer pressure to get more successful at work which sometimes you happen to be doing solely for the money, financial pressures to pay those EMIs, social and cultural pressures to get married and have children at a "certain" age defined by random people we call "society"....Really? This shit is what being an adult was all about! Oh my god, did I waste a good number of hours as a kid hoping to quickly grow up and have such kind of fun! huh!?

What about having some real fun and being happy, travelling the world, and living for myself, not for parents, spouse or children, just myself? What about it, where is that person I was so much confident of being when I started out as an adult?

Being at peace is so very vital for my being that may be somewhere I hide my disappoints by trying to love everything about the way life is now. I keep hoping for magic to happen and that dreamy eyed child in me is still so very hopeful that it breaks my adult heart to confess that this is all life may be after all.
Being an adult is the dullest part of life.

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