April 08, 2017

Finally catching up with Potter...

Just when the Harry Potter series was getting started and becoming a rage, a friend suggested me to read it. She was actually my teacher in primary school, who became a good friend when I moved to high school :) I was trying to act like a big girl not getting carried away with reading children's books, like it was beneath me! Then I kept the book for a few days and returned it to her after a few false starts. Magic, wizards felt so childish.

So now in my 30s when I have no need to prove that am indeed a big girl, I started reading Harry Potter series on my Kindle and am hooked. Again it was a sweet friend of mine who insisted that I read them. She had read those as a kid and loved them. She is in her 20s and insisted that I would love them. We share similar tastes of movies and other books, but still I wasnt sure. She kept up with her recommendation on and off and somehow I finally budged and now am so grateful.

When am reading and someone asks me which book is it, I still feel a bit resentful to say am reading the series for the first time ever and so late. Sometimes people assume I am re-reading it and I gratefully nod in agreement.

The books of the series are well written, have a good flow, keep you engrossed and hooked.  The plot is quite strong, the language beautiful and very interesting observations about human nature and behaviour thrown in with wit and humor. There are all kinds of characters, lots of interesting twists, and disasters when you least expect. That makes for a good reading material overall.

As it turns out am younger than Harry Potter. So yeah, I feel good about that. Dont ask me how does that matter!  :) 

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