July 19, 2014

Happyness 45

July 16:

A healed cut!

Happyness 44

July 15 :


Happyness 43

July 14:

Happyness 42

Cooking experiments :

Happyness 41

July 12 :

Late evening walk...what a sight was the Moon! :)

Happyness 40

A hot cup of late evening tea that I make once in a bluemoon...

Happyness 39

July 10 :

Happyness 38

July 9:

Sitting by the window and watching @11pm 

Happyness 37

July 8 :

Clocking more than 8 hours of sleep! :)

Happyness 36

July 7 :


Happyness 35

July 6 :

Singing aloud "Tera rasta chodu na...." when its playing on the tab...
This song for some reason I find is hauntingly beautiful and I can hum it like a trained singer! hehehe :D

Religious? Don't think so...

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