December 14, 2013


I came across this very beautiful thought, lines from a poem  -

"Fear is the cheapest room in the house.
I would like to see you living
In better conditions.

December 11, 2013


Was on a weekend trip to the city of pearls, bangles, Biryanis and the Nizams - Hyderabad! The weather was great and its a beautiful city. The ancient structures seem to co-exist very naturally with the modern buildings making the city architecturally beautiful.
Enjoyed the climb to the Golkonda Fort. The view from the top is just awesome. Walked around the seven tombs. There is a well laid path between all the tombs, surrounded with well maintained gardens and old park benches! All these add to the pleasure of walking and viewing.

The old city has the Char Minar. And Chowmahalla palace with those wonderfully crafted chandeliers. The busy streets leading to these have old buildings, the pearl bazaars, and shops after shops selling bangles - just bangles! It was an amazing sight!

There are ancient forts, minars, tombs, palaces, beautiful gardens, multi-storied buildings, beautiful temples, winding hilly roads with nice looking houses - all housed in the same city! Driving past Jubilee hills and Banjara hills gave me memories of Hollywood and Bel Air!

From the top of Golkonda Fort

Went in a speed boat around the Buddha statue in the middle of Hussein Sagar lake and it was a lot of fun. The laser show at Lumbini gardens was quite nice.

The Ramoji film city almost felt like a desi version of Universal studios tour. The sets, the hop on hop off buses going around and showing the various sets, the rides(I went in a few rides like the ranger ride, where it turns and goes 360 degrees and scares the bejesus out of you! That, my friend, is what fun looks like upside down! :) ) and the shows related to the art of film making made it a nice place to check it out.

I do not remember any inching traffic jams. The food was just great. Had the best fish kebabs and fish biryani.

It was a very pleasant stay and enjoyed some great hospitality, thanks to a friend. Hyderabad is wonderful! :)


Movie name : Frozen.
Watched the animation movie in 3D at the theaters last week. It was about the love of two sisters. It was beautifully different from the regular fairy tail-ish stories. Good fun.

December 01, 2013

The power of gratitude...

This is one thing I would like to do everyday - before going to bed, appreciate the good aspects of life. Somehow this positivity seems to be get carried even when I wake up and make the rest of the day beautiful. I did that randomly a couple of times and the results were consistent. But I wish I remember and get into the practice of doing it every day. Starting today I want to make this a habit.

Gratitude was something that I used to underrate, and when I read things about it, I used to get that feeling that it is some self-help bookish preaching. Observations have lead me to believe that there is something more to it. It seems like an immensely enabling force. This is a good time to be thankful for and to make plans! :)

P.S: Am thankful that I have kept writing as often as I can this year, and this is the 100th post ever in any given year! Hmm thats nice!

Yeh hawa kehti hey kya...

I used to like this song from Aryans years ago, and recently when I tried recollecting the song, all I remembered were two lines - "Bin tere mein kaise jee sakunga, Tera pyar kab mein paasakunga" and I searched a couple of times with these lines and dint find. Today was just watching songs randomly and found it - yaaaay!

Must Dos to remain sane...

1. Mind your own business. You do not run the show and have no control of what happens, give your best and keep going. 2. Read books. Rea...